First look at Tua Tagovailoa in Madden


Earlier today, EA released it’s annual Madden trailer, and Dolphins’ QB Tua Tagovailoa made a cameo appearance.

Every year, a new Madden game is released, and it always feels like nothing more than a glorified roster update.

And yet, there are still people like me that buy the game each year. Perhaps it’s because I’m obsessed with the game of football. Or maybe I’m just dumb. Nevertheless, once we inch closer and closer to the NFL season, my hype for EA’s NFL football video game reaches an all-time high.

But this year, with everything going on in the world, I think the hype has arrived sooner than expected.

Maybe it’s because the Dolphins finally drafted a superstar quarterback.

Or maybe it has more to do with the changes made to the roster throughout.

Nevertheless, I am overly excited for this year’s Madden, and the trailer, although underwhelming, still has my stoked for the game’s release in late August.

Here’s a look at the Madden 21 trailer that was released earlier today.

There’s still a lot we need to find out about this year’s Madden. But thanks to a few press releases from EA Sports, we have a better idea of what they invested their valuable time on this cycle.

Here’s a list of Gridiron Notes from EA Sports official website.

Face of the Franchise: Rise to Fame

Face of the Franchise returns! Create yourself and begin your career as a quarterback in high school where you’ll attempt to lead your team to a State Championship. We should mention while your career starts in high school, that doesn’t mean you’ll be the starting quarterback. Don’t worry, no story spoilers here.

Next, you’ll start your college career on National Signing Day where you’ll pick between ten Division 1 schools. You’ll be able to play two seasons of the College Football Playoffs where you’ll attempt to win not one, but two NCAA Championships. While in college you’ll have the chance to stay as a quarterback or switch positions to a running back or wide receiver.

After your college career, you’ll be attending the NFL Combine where you’ll have the chance to test your skills and run the iconic 40-yard dash.

When you finally enter the NFL, your career doesn’t stop. You’ll have the chance to experience different storylines each season as you make your case for the Hall of Fame.

Skill Stick
You’ll be able to combo together all your evasive moves on the right analog stick, including Juke, Spin, Hurdle and Dead Leg. The Skill Stick brings more fluid, athletic movement to the field and gives you more control over the moves you want perform.

Pass Rush Moves
All your pass rush moves and block-sheds for Madden NFL 21 will now be on the right analog stick. You’ll have full control to choose the exact rush-move you want and when you want to do it. Be sure to use your rush moves strategically though, as each pass rusher has a limited amo›unt of available moves per play, and blockers will start to build resistance against repeated moves. This will give you more control and it adds a layer of strategy to one of the most important aspects of defense.

Location-Based Tackles
These are tackles where both the ball carrier and defender are aware of the first-down marker, end zone, and pylon. What this means is you’ll see ball carriers reach out with the ball while getting tackled to score a crucial touchdown or clutch up a first-down. You’ll also see the tackling defender struggle but successfully deny the ball carrier these reach-out moments.

As you can tell it’s a slow news day here at Left Arm of God headquarters. But as promised, we will bring you ALL the Tua Tagovailoa news.


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