Shop till you drop at the Left Arm of God!


The Left Arm Of God shop has officially launched, and there are plenty of designs and accessories to choose from!

After months of preparation, the Left Arm of God store is officially open for business.

Which not only means we can sell some of the awesome designs my good friend Matthew Smith created, but I can begin making money to put back into the website. This will help make this the greatest Tua Tagovailoa fan page in the history of the world. Which is exactly where The Left Arm of God is headed.

Currently, the shop features four designs: A Stone Cold Brian Flores’ smoking skull, two Left Arm of God fonts, and of course, this sweatshirt that has been flying off the shelves. The site is currently offering 15% off anything in the store but that offer won’t last long.

CLICK HERE out our store and support us by purchasing one of these fine t-shirts and accessories.

Thank you.



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