Mike Gesicki Drops the Mic


“He’s dealt with people saying stupid, uneducated stuff about him that they’re not right about… The problem with the criticism is there’s nothing behind it… He stepped up in some big situations, made plays, and got better each and every week… The guys in the locker room, we all believe in him, we all respect him and we’re all excited about him… I’m happy he’s our quarterback.”

And just like that, within the first five minutes of his first media availability of the 2021 off-season, Mike Gesicki, tight end for your Miami Dolphins, provided the most impassioned defense of The Left Arm of God, Tua Tagovailoa, that we’ve heard from a member of the Fins in Tua’s short time with the squad. If there was any doubt that this locker room was fully behind Tua Tagovailoa, Mike Gesicki just dug a grave, lowered the casket, and put those baseless claims to rest for good.

Some of you may be saying to yourselves, “Well, of course, he’s going to say positive things about Tua. He’s the guy throwing him the ball this upcoming season, and he doesn’t want any bad blood between them.” While you would have a point in saying that, Gesicki’s mic drop went  far above and beyond a typical “vote of confidence.” These comments were largely unsolicited. He could have easily given a flippant response to the original question of how Tua has progressed from season one to season two, but instead, he chose to use that opportunity to go to battle for his young signal-caller.

He spoke for the entire locker room when he said WE believe in him. WE respect him. WE’RE excited about him. This is important because of the rumblings in a clandestine article at the end of last season. Some members of the 2020 Miami Dolphins were upset that Tua started so many games instead of the recently jettisoned Ryan Fitzpatrick. Some even speculated that Mike Gesicki could have been one of the players who felt that way, considering he had his best games with Fitzpatrick under center.

I think it’s safe to say that at this point, Mike Gesicki has Tua’s back. It’s safe to say that the entire Miami Dolphins football team has Tua’s back. It’s refreshing to see that a prominent member of the Dolphins is fed up with all the negativity surrounding Tua when all he’s done is keep his head down and work hard at improving in every way possible.

Let’s see if Colin Cowherd has anything to say about that today after he gets a couple of midday cocktails in him. Let’s see if Joy Taylor reverses course ONCE AGAIN and finds herself squarely on Tua’s bandwagon once more. Let’s see if Michael Lombardi gets on Twitter and continues to make himself look like a fool while he spouts anti-Tua rhetoric. Let’s see if many of the South Florida beat writers who seemingly have a vendetta against a QB coming off of a devastating hip injury, who had no off-season or preseason, will finally write something positive about a guy who is beloved by his teammates and coaches.

Give Tua a chance. Don’t rush to crucify him after a pretty darn good rookie season, all things considered. Don’t give in to the hot-takes that swirl around social media daily.

Mike Gesicki believes in Tua.

We believe in Tua.

2021 is going to be a very fun season for The Left Arm of God and the Miami Dolphins. Fins up!