Will the Real Miami Dolphins Fans Please Stand Up?


By @Marek Brave

Wobbly pass? Perfect spiral? Who gives a sh*t?

Slightly underthrown? In stride? Who gives a sh*t?

50 yards? 65 yards? Who gives a sh*t?

If I have understood the game correctly over the past thirty years of me being a Miami Dolphins fan, then I believe the ultimate goal of a quarterback to wide receiver pass is to score a touchdown. Sounds crazy, right? So, at the end of the day, whether the ball was thrown in the perfect spot or it wobbled ever so slightly doesn’t really matter, does it? Then why in the bloody, blue hell are supposed fans of the Miami professional football team arguing over the semantics of the long TOUCHDOWN pass Tua delivered to Albert Wilson which ended the first day of on-field action at training camp?

Stop the insufferable bullsh*t please.

If you love the Miami Dolphins, which I assume you do if you’re reading this article, then please stop wishing failure on our young signal-caller. Tua is the immediate future of this team. If he sucks, then he’ll be replaced in a year or two. If he balls out, then we can finally end our ride on the two-decades-long mediocrity merry-go-round.

How could you call yourself a fan of the Dolphins and wish otherwise? How could you prove your TUA SUCKS agenda be more important than the team clad in aqua and orange holding the Lombardi Trophy high above their heads in sweet, sweet victory?

According to many sources, including those who have previously been hard on Tua Tagovailoa, he seems to have improved in many areas this offseason.

One area that particularly intrigues me is his focus on becoming a more active and vocal leader. Directly after ending practice with a long bomb to Albert Wilson for a touchdown, he gathered the team – offense and defense – at midfield and discussed the good and bad from the first training camp practice. He discussed expectations going forward. When interviewed after practice, he said all the right things and took ownership of his shortcomings for the day. That’s what a leader does. I’m absolutely sure Brian Flores took notice, as he does this frequently as well.

Tua is the quarterback for your Miami Dolphins, whether you like it or not, so please, for the sanity of this fanbase, take your jaded, cynical hOt TaKeS somewhere else. Maybe the team in vomit green from New Jersey will welcome you with open arms because we don’t need you in Miami. Sheesh.

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